art share project website coming soon

Recently, I decided to work with the mounting paper scraps in my studio to create small collages to serve as ideas for larger works. Before I knew it, I had over a hundred unique little pieces. I love them and wanted to do something special with them. 

I decided I would share these small works of art with others. My intent is to send 5-10 pieces out each month to unsuspecting individuals; some friends and some complete strangers. It is an opportunity for me to thank others for their kindness and hopefully surprise people along the way. 

This project is just getting underway but I intend for it to continue indefinitely. It is a means to share my work and encourage others to share their thoughts with me. I have a lot of artwork that never sees the light of day. By specifically making pieces to send out in the world, more people will have an opportunity to see it and to own it. That makes me happy. This website is being created to showcase these pieces and to hopefully build a community. 

Please check back soon!